Here are a few of the BREAD RAZOR features that you’ll like:


Cuts are rare because of how the blade is installed and removed. Your finger stays at a safe distance from the blade during use.


The handle size and shape was designed for hours of daily use without causing blisters or fatigue.


The all-metal construction ensures that it will give you years of faithful service. Compare that with our competitors:

Made from non-durable cheap plastic.Blade can become loose in operation.


The entire product is magnetized for blade security and easy storage — just let the magnets hold it to a cabinet, rack or the oven.

Easy Blade Changing

Most bakers can change the blade comfortably, quickly and safely with one hand. Check the photos below and the video on our home page to see for yourself.

Snap open razor holder.Insert new blade. Neodymium magnet holds blade in place securely.Snap razor holder close.Ready to Use.

Lifetime Guarantee

The BREAD RAZOR is proudly made in USA and is so durable that I offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE that it will not break or become defective in any manner under normal use — ever. If you ever have a problem with the BREAD RAZOR, I’ll replace it free!