About Bread Razor

Why I Invented the Bread Razor

by Mike Landgraff, Professional Baker and Owner of The Bread Chef 

Mike Landgraff When I attended culinary school, we were issued a decent set of knives, decorating tools and uniforms. Everything was quality, if not first class.

So I was surprised when the tool they gave us to score loaves of bread (the lame) had a weak plastic handle with a permanently-mounted razor blade. Once the blade was dull, that was it. You couldn’t change the blade. I thought it was odd that a piece of equipment that was so fundamental to baking bread was so poorly made. I figured there would be a better solution in the “real world.”
But I was wrong. I went to work for a large bakery and was surprised to see everyone using variations of this cheap lame (or razor holder — whatever you prefer to call it). Some bakers even used a bare blade and kept it in their mouth between cuts. In addition to the sanitation issues this raised, they were often cutting themselves. And if it hand’t been for metal detectors that caught loose razors that fell and were baked into the bread, the bakery could have had some real legal issues.

Tipping Point

After I opened my own bakery, I purchased every type of blade available. None of them held up for very long. None of them were sturdy enough or held the blade securely enough for the intensive use of the employees in my bakery.

I decided that if I wanted a cutting tool that was satisfactory, I would have to design it myself.

Bread Razor Born

So I teamed up with a product developer to design a better tool to score bread. After many months of work and many, many prototypes (and hundreds of hours of testing and use in my own bakery), I was confident that my bread-scoring tool — the BREAD RAZOR — was good enough to offer to other professional bakers.

The BREAD RAZOR is the last razor holder you’ll ever need. It’s the most durable, easy-to-use, professional tool for scoring breads of all types.